Kurokawa Spa  Nonohana Inn


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Just ease your mind and relax in a comfortable tranquility. Situated amid range of hills,
embraced by nature of Oku-Kurokawa. Spacious rooms are perfect to relax in,
with private hot spring bath attached to each room. Room types; “Japanese- Western Combination” ?
Japanese tradition and Western modern touch are elegantly mixed in completely detached building. “Japanese Style” ?
Please unwind yourself in a graceful atmosphere. All rooms are uniquely designed.

Room Rates per person, per night

Occupancy Japanese-Western Style (Annex) Japanese Style (Annex) Japanese Style (main house)
Rooms Name Suoh Sekichiku Benifuji Wakana Shion Hanezu Sakura Hototogisu
2 persons 31,470yen 31,470yen 31,470yen 31,470yen 31,470yen 26,070yen 22,830yen 22,830yen
3 persons 29,310yen 29,310yen 29,310yen 29,310yen 29,310yen 26,070yen 22,830yen 22,830yen
4 persons 27,150yen 27,150yen 27,150yen 27,150yen 27,150yen 24,990yen - -
5 persons 24,990yen 24,990yen 24,990yen 24,990yen 24,990yen - - -
  • Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00 (The checkout of the guest room in the main house is 10:00)
  • Service charge and tax(consumption tax, bath tax) all-inclusive
  • Regular rates all through weekdays and weekends.
  • The credit card can be used.
  • ates are varied for Japanese holidays (New year’s Days, Bon holidays ? the Buddhist All Souls’ Days, etc.)
  • One barrier-free room (Suoh). If interested, please feel free to ask any question.
  • Entrance to dinner hall in the main building is also barrier-free. Please ask for the details when you make reservation
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Should the cancellation be made with more than 7 days notice prior to your arrival, no cancellation fee would be charged.
    • 7 days or less prior to your arrival / 30% of the room charge
    • The day before your arrival / 50% of the room charge
    • On the intended arrival day / 100% of the room charge

Day trip experience of hot spring

without accommodation

Available time
8:30 ~ 21:00
Bath charge
adult / 500yen ~ child / 300yen
  • Ginnezu Spa, an open-air bath, is normally available to day trip users
  • While cleaning Ginnezu Spa, we ask you to use Hiwada Spa(stone, wooden bath).
  • While cleaning Ginnezu Spa, we ask you to use Hiwada Spa(stone, wooden bath).
  • Ginnezu Spa, an open-air bath, is normally available to day trip users

Chemical properties : Fresh-water spring Pure hot-spring, constant flow 68℃
Efficacy : neuralgia, muscle ache, age-induced stiff shoulders, akinesia, stiffen joint, bruise, sprain, sensitiveness to cold, chronic diseases of digestive organs, haemorrhoids, etc.

Map showing our location

  • About one hour ride by bus or car from the nearest railway station “Aso”. It would be most recommendable to drive your car or rented car to reach our place. If you use bus, please contact us, nonohana, before visit.
  • Although Kurokawa Spa is located in Kumamoto, Kyushu, southern part of Japan, it snows often during the winter because of high altitude. Please make sure of snow chains or stud-less (snow) tires to avoid slips.